Company Introduction

Since the establishment of our company, we have developed our business with the motto: "Our company belongs to all our customers and staff". To continue growing as a company, genuine satisfaction of our costumers and happiness of our employees are indispensable. 

Nowadays, plastic products are used in a wide range of fields, thus help making our lives more secure and comfortable. Also, as a weight reducing alternative to metal products and recycling alternative to rubber, the quantity of plastic being used is growing rapidly every year as new materials are being developed.

About 90% of the products of our company are destined for the automotive related industry, and they are used by nearly all the Japanese domestic manufacturers. After long years accumulating know-how in the automotive industry (good quality, good price and quick delivery), we challenge our everyday manufacturing activity while always asking ourselves : "is that good enough for our customer?" 

Our Services

Injection Molding

With over 60 years of experience, we have been supplying our customers with their required parts under our three principles:  High Quality, Low Cost and Quick Delivery.

Mold Maintenance

Since the foundation of our company, we have been taking care of over 6 thousands molds with different designs and layouts. We have the know-how to provide the best possible care for each independent mold in order to assure a long lifespan while preserving quality.


We have both manual and automatic assembly services in order to supply our customers with a complete product that meets their specifications. This assembly occurs under a very strict Japanese "Pokayoke" quality assurance system.

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